Thursday, October 03, 2013


                                               I'm Not a Blonde

 People make judgments about people based on stereotypes that exist in their mind.  This is totally unfair to the person being judged.  In the book The Outsiders, Greasers are thought of to be inappropriate, rude, dirty, and violent and "Socs" judge every greaser by that stereotype.  Not every greaser is that way, some of them can't choose whether or not they are apart of that group or not.   Ponyboy was practically born into being a greaser, but he acts like a normal person.  He reads books, loves to learn, and likes going to the movies. 

This sadly happens in real life though, people are bullied and judged based on how they look and their hobbies.  Some of the people I know are judged like that, My friend is a blonde, because of this she is thought of to be very dumb and unintelligent.  She gets great grades and finishes her homework everyday.  She scores very high on tests and has her own mind about things.  This isn't fair to her or ANYONE being judged like this.  Judging others is a type of bullying, and in Indiana that is illegal.  I don't understand why people have these made up ideas of people like you are put into classes. Popular, Jockey, Nerd, Emo, etc. it really doesn't work like that and it shouldn't for those who are doing that.  This needs to stop.

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