Thursday, October 17, 2013

Student Blog Challenge 1-4


One of our global issues is world hunger.  Did you know 13.1 percent of the world’s population is hungry.  That’s roughly 925 million people who go undernourished on a daily basis, consuming less than the recommended 2,100 calories a day and in 2010, an estimated 7.6 million children — more than 20,000 a day — died from hunger.  This is ridiculous.  While hunger exists worldwide, 62.4 percent of the hunger exists in Asia/South Pacific.  Why does this have to happen?  This is because of natural disasters, war, poverty trap, Agricultural infrastructure, and over-exploitation of environment.  But why is this still a problem when more than 1.4 billion adults, 20 and older, are overweight and still today over 200 million men and nearly 300 million women are obese.  World hunger is a issue that everyone should be worried about.  Other countries should help if they aren't in debt. This our world, we share it together. NOBODY should be starving to death.

My School Day
On a regular school day I start my day off by waking up at 6:00 a.m! I run downstairs, waking my parents up in the process, and get bowl of Lucky Charms. By the time I'm done with breakfast it's usually 6:15, which means I have to leave in an hour! I run back up the stairs and get ready. At 7:15 my dad drives me to the school 20 minutes away from home. I have my 1-4 period classes then head off to lunch, by this point I'm starving, I grab my lunch box from my locker and go to the cafeteria where I eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I eat a sandwich each day and my friends ask me why I eat the same thing everyday and all I say is it's my favorite because truthfully it is. My classes start off in the morning at 8:05 with Pre- Algebra, Then Band, Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and Study hall each an hour long. On Thursdays and Fridays we can chose if we would like to do any Enrichment classes, mine is Archery. It was not my first choice but once I tried it I found out that I like it and I'm not terrible at it, except for the times I don't draw the string back right and it ends up slapping me in the arm! The bell rings school is out and everyone gets to go home, not me. I have volleyball practice for my schools 7th grade volleyball team, The Lincoln RedStorm. School is not just a time for learning but also a time to enjoy yourself with your friends, if you think about your whole life depends on what you make out of your school life. If anything I could definitely improve my study skills, test aren't as easy for me as homework. My study skills need to change because I need to get in the habit of studying more and in different ways to remember.

 My Town
Even though I go to Lincoln Junior High in Plymouth, Indiana, I live in Culver which is about 15-20 minutes away from Plymouth. Culver is a beautiful small town with a population of about 1,000 it is located on a lake called Lake Maxinkuckee. That is the first place I would recommend any one to go to, There is a public beach were you can relax and swim. After your nice swim you can walk down the street to a DELICIOUS restaurant famous for their pizza called, "Papas". When you leave Papa's after having the fabulous Margarita Pizza, you want to get a place to stay. There is no better place then the Culver Cove, with excellent service and a great pool. After your long rest and breakfast in bed, you decide to learn some history about Culver so you head to the Culver Military Academy. When you arrive you hear a parade going on so you go and see. You see the drum and bugle corps., all of woodcraft and upper camp, and horses. After the exciting parade you go to get lunch, but where? Cafe Max, of course, you walk inside and you are immediately greeted by the hostess and the owner and they take you to you seat. After looking at the menu you decide to get some Eggs Benedict, and after taking one bite you are obsessed! It is so good you feel like ordering more, but you can't because your time has come to leave Culver. You want to come back someday because it was such a relaxing stay. You had everything you could every want in a vacation.

About Me
Dream out loud!  Be the best you!  Welcome to my blog!  I am a 7th grader at Lincoln Junior High.  I am very excited to be off starting my year with a blog!  I am new at this just like almost everybody here.  I plan on making the best out of this blog!  I hope I can meet new people from all over the world from this website.

When people talk about me I think they would describe me most as very interesting but funny.  I am a very friendly person and I become friends with almost everyone I meet.  I like to talk A LOT!  If you ever meet me you probably won't forget me.  I like being friendly because you end up leaving a footprint in that persons life.  Sit by that lonely person at lunch, or just be friendly you don't have to make any commitments.

My dreams are BIG!  I hope in becoming a Business Executive of a big company when I'm older!  I know I've got a ways to go but I know that working hard now will pay off in the future.  My goals for this year are that I study more, learn more, make a ton of new friends, and I get the best grades possible.  I have big expectations for myself, I expect myself to work my best and always keep trying.  

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