Friday, November 01, 2013

History of Halloween Traditions

 Q: What are mummies buried with?
A: Canopic jars, Jewelry, and Amulets 
Mummies are buried and with them come some other items to travel with them to the underworld. Egyptians believed that what they are buried with they will use that in the afterlife. Mummies are buried with canopic jars, these jars will hold their insides (like kidneys, livers, lungs, etc.). While the mummies were living they wore jewelry, rings, bracelets and necklaces were buried with people who had worn them during their lives and some were created just for their burials. Amulets are small objects or charms that were meant to protect the owner from evil spells or actions. So the amulets buried with them represented something like the fingers amulet represented the fingers of the embalmers, the Isis Knot was meant for the protection from the goddess Isis, and the headrest amulet was for the person to have their head supported for the rest of their life.

Vampire Bats

Q:   What kind of blood do these bats dine on?

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 A:   ther animals! (Rarely Humans)

 Why do we think that bats are just here for our blood? Actually there isn't a big chance of you getting bitten by a bat and have your blood taken out from you. Vampire bats drink the blood of other animals not HUMANS!! So next time you see a bat say your sorry for believing in that stereotype!

Q:  What other facts did you find interesting?

A: Bats are the only mammals that can fly. Some fly as fast as 35 miles an hour.



The Frankenstein Monster

Q: Was Frankenstein originally brought to life in a painting, a book, or a play?

A: Book

In 1818 a book was published called Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus. This story was also put both in the original novel and shaped into new forms, such as plays, films, and comics — has captivated people ever since, exposing hidden, sometimes barely conscious fears of science and technology. As scientists have gained new powers, the Frankenstein story remains.

 Q:  Who is the original creator of the Frankenstein monster and how old was she when she introduced this classic monster to the world?

A: Mary Shelley, 19




  Halloween History

What is a Halloween tradition in your family?

A: My family gets ready with our costumes on and we all go trick or treating together.

Q: Why do people dress up for Halloween?

A: The wearing of costumes on Halloween originated in a Scottish and Irish tradition called guising, in which children wore costumes and went door to door for food. Guising is like asking for food and begging which is what the poor children did on All Saints Day, or Hallows Eve.


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