Tuesday, December 17, 2013

You Can't Buy Happiness


"You can't buy happiness," that's a very commonly used quote that not everyone lives by but should like the AMAZING kids. Kids like Ryan from Ryan's Well. Ryan is just a kid like us and he found his happiness just by giving to others. Ryan didn't need just money to build wells to get happiness, all he needed was the time to make a change. When starting a charity, fundraiser, foundation, etc. you wonder which comes first money or time, its the same question asking which came first the chicken or the egg?

Its sad to see that some people are so greedy now a days. Some celebrities and leaders are also greedy with all their money and time that they don't even try to help others, people in classes lower then them still donate money-time. Like Kim Kardashian, Kim has a ton of money and time but she spends most of it on other things. She was once in a charity auction for E-bay for the Philippines Typhoon disaster. She only gave 10% and the charity was to give as much as you can and give at least 50%. She could donate 10% of money but if she's going to do that then she should donate 100% of her time helping.

Why am I rambling on about this? It's because in class this and last week we have been reading the "Christmas Carol" and for the past few weeks we have been talking about Charles Dickens and the child labor. Charles Dickens is an author for may books, he was from the early 1800s and lived in the time when there was child labor. Charles' father had to go to prison for not being able to pay his taxes. So that meant that Charles had to go to work in a factory everyday for full-time hours and making little pay. The conditions of the factory were awful and it was rat-infested and no body would care if he died because he was just another poor child. Charles Dickens wrote the "Christmas Carol" because it was his plead for the poor.

People in my community, including me, donate time to help others. My family and I go to the nursing home to volunteer our time to spend time with the lonely elderly. We play Wii with them, board games, card games, and sometimes we just talk about what life was like back when they were younger. I actually find this time very satisfying because I know that I am giving back time and that I am being generous and not greedy. I like doing this and I would like to do it more often but school and chores get in my way. You can help by just donating an hour of your time maybe at a soup kitchen, nursing home, animal shelter, homeless shelter, etc. You don't have to be rich or poor just to help others and also feel happiness. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The BIG Question on Charles Dickens and Child Labor

My big question is, What would life be like if there wasn't a law passed against child labor?  I think life would be very difficult. Less children would be in school and more kids would be working. Back then kids were forced to be chimney sweeps, in textile mills, and pick pockets. If we had to do jobs like this then we could have serious issues, health and physical. Kids back then got serious lung, heart, and back problems. Kids could have also died in chimneys and also could of died just cleaning under machines that wasn't turned off. There would be a smaller population and more kids defected. Also there would be more kids homeless or in adoption homes. So I think if congress hadn't passed the law and President Roosevelt hadn't signed it then life would be terrible.

Child Labor and Charles Dickens

In class we have been learning about who Charles Dickens is and what child labor was. Charles Dickens was a writer from the early 1800s whose parents had been taken to prison for not paying bills. Charles then became a child laborer who worked for very little money and in hash conditions. This was not very unusual at the time. There were children working as coal miners, chimney sweeps, factory workers, domestic servants, textile mill, pick pockets, and hat makers. These jobs were very dangerous and the kids didn't make us much pay as adults. One thing that surprised me was that girls were payed less, my question is why? Another thing that surprised me was that kids were actually taught how to steal!

Today because of the child labor congress passed a law that said no one under 14 can work and no one under 16 can work full time hours. But today there is still more that 250,000,000 kids 5-14 working with barely any pay and working full time hours. Thankfully there are activist trying to bring down that number. My big question though is, What would life be like these days if congress never passed the law?

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Amazing Kid Philanthrophy

Do you know anyone that does any philanthropy work? Well on Monday I did some I-searching and I found some AMAZING charities and foundations that were created by a kid! My first person I found her name was Hannah. Hannah was 5 years old when she a homeless man eating out of a garbage can. She kept asking why this was happening and when she finally got old enough to realize why this was going on she started the Ladybug Foundation. She was 8 when she started this project! She is now 17 years old and has raised 2 million dollars! This is AMAZING work and I hope I someday can do something like this!
Next on is Ryan. Ryan was in first grade when they started talking about how some kids can't get enough water or have to walk miles each day to get water that is dirty. Ryan wanted to build a well for the kids, so like any kid who needed money he did chores and he finally raised $80. Sadly the well cost close to $2000. People in Ryan's community decided to help out and finally Ryan decided to start an organization to raise money to build wells, its called Ryan's Well. I just think that this one is AMAZING  because he was in 1st grade when he decided to help someone who lived on a different continent and he didn't even know! Most adults wouldn't even try to do anything to help.                                            Ryan in Uganda 

 Lastly is Janie and Aislin. They lived by a jungle and began to see the decrease in population of animals, especially the Titi Monkeys. So they decided to sell rocks to people and donate the money to rainforest organizations. They also gained enough money to open a shop and sell artists work from their communities and they donated that money. They were 9 when they decided to just make this a foundation called Kids Saving the Rainforest. So now that they are older they build animal bridges and even a wildlife sanctuary!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Last Blogging Challenge

    Sadly this is our last blogging challenge! In this period of time I wrote 17 blog posts (Not all of them were Blogging Challenges) and I really enjoyed the ideas that the blogging challenges gave me to blog about, also I like the competition for your blog in the Flipboard Magazine (Mine was in there twice!). All of the posts I did were school based but I did most of them at home because I like to be in peace and quiet and really blog about the stuff that comes from the heart.

     I have received only 8 comments... Not the greatest but oh well. Most of these comments are from students, some in my class telling me my Guestbook isn't working or they like my fish, and others are from students also participating in the blogging challenge. All the comments are from different pages so I can't really say I have the most on one.

    The post I really enjoyed writing about is probably the, Overseas adventure. I enjoyed it because I really got to dig deep and find where I would really like to visit and why. I also did enjoy learning more about my ancestry and my family tree! I learned that my mothers side is from Ireland and I got to learn more about the Prendergast family. I used Google Translate to translate English to Irish so I could also write the post in Irish as well as English.

    My blog theme have been mostly the same. I try to talk about how being yourself and just being a kid can get you great places. I really hope most students also take some of my words to heart and they really think about what that could do for them.

    On my blogroll I have 570 pageviews. 17 from Australia, 7 from Portugal, 5 from Germany, 5 from New Zealand, 2 from Ukraine, 1 from France, 1 from the United Kingdom, 1 from Japan, and 1 from Serbia.