Thursday, December 05, 2013

Amazing Kid Philanthrophy

Do you know anyone that does any philanthropy work? Well on Monday I did some I-searching and I found some AMAZING charities and foundations that were created by a kid! My first person I found her name was Hannah. Hannah was 5 years old when she a homeless man eating out of a garbage can. She kept asking why this was happening and when she finally got old enough to realize why this was going on she started the Ladybug Foundation. She was 8 when she started this project! She is now 17 years old and has raised 2 million dollars! This is AMAZING work and I hope I someday can do something like this!
Next on is Ryan. Ryan was in first grade when they started talking about how some kids can't get enough water or have to walk miles each day to get water that is dirty. Ryan wanted to build a well for the kids, so like any kid who needed money he did chores and he finally raised $80. Sadly the well cost close to $2000. People in Ryan's community decided to help out and finally Ryan decided to start an organization to raise money to build wells, its called Ryan's Well. I just think that this one is AMAZING  because he was in 1st grade when he decided to help someone who lived on a different continent and he didn't even know! Most adults wouldn't even try to do anything to help.                                            Ryan in Uganda 

 Lastly is Janie and Aislin. They lived by a jungle and began to see the decrease in population of animals, especially the Titi Monkeys. So they decided to sell rocks to people and donate the money to rainforest organizations. They also gained enough money to open a shop and sell artists work from their communities and they donated that money. They were 9 when they decided to just make this a foundation called Kids Saving the Rainforest. So now that they are older they build animal bridges and even a wildlife sanctuary!

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