Thursday, December 12, 2013

Child Labor and Charles Dickens

In class we have been learning about who Charles Dickens is and what child labor was. Charles Dickens was a writer from the early 1800s whose parents had been taken to prison for not paying bills. Charles then became a child laborer who worked for very little money and in hash conditions. This was not very unusual at the time. There were children working as coal miners, chimney sweeps, factory workers, domestic servants, textile mill, pick pockets, and hat makers. These jobs were very dangerous and the kids didn't make us much pay as adults. One thing that surprised me was that girls were payed less, my question is why? Another thing that surprised me was that kids were actually taught how to steal!

Today because of the child labor congress passed a law that said no one under 14 can work and no one under 16 can work full time hours. But today there is still more that 250,000,000 kids 5-14 working with barely any pay and working full time hours. Thankfully there are activist trying to bring down that number. My big question though is, What would life be like these days if congress never passed the law?

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