Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Last Blogging Challenge

    Sadly this is our last blogging challenge! In this period of time I wrote 17 blog posts (Not all of them were Blogging Challenges) and I really enjoyed the ideas that the blogging challenges gave me to blog about, also I like the competition for your blog in the Flipboard Magazine (Mine was in there twice!). All of the posts I did were school based but I did most of them at home because I like to be in peace and quiet and really blog about the stuff that comes from the heart.

     I have received only 8 comments... Not the greatest but oh well. Most of these comments are from students, some in my class telling me my Guestbook isn't working or they like my fish, and others are from students also participating in the blogging challenge. All the comments are from different pages so I can't really say I have the most on one.

    The post I really enjoyed writing about is probably the, Overseas adventure. I enjoyed it because I really got to dig deep and find where I would really like to visit and why. I also did enjoy learning more about my ancestry and my family tree! I learned that my mothers side is from Ireland and I got to learn more about the Prendergast family. I used Google Translate to translate English to Irish so I could also write the post in Irish as well as English.

    My blog theme have been mostly the same. I try to talk about how being yourself and just being a kid can get you great places. I really hope most students also take some of my words to heart and they really think about what that could do for them.

    On my blogroll I have 570 pageviews. 17 from Australia, 7 from Portugal, 5 from Germany, 5 from New Zealand, 2 from Ukraine, 1 from France, 1 from the United Kingdom, 1 from Japan, and 1 from Serbia.

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