Monday, April 21, 2014


My blogging challenge topic this week is about Pompeii.

The city of Pompeii was an ancient Roman town-city near modern Naples. Pompeii was mostly destroyed and buried 13 to 20 ft of ash eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.
By the time of its destruction, 160 years later, its population was probably approximately 20,000, and the city had a complex water system, an amphitheater, gymnasium and a port. Evidence for the destruction originally came from a surviving letter by Pliny the Younger, who saw the eruption from a distance and described the death of his uncle Pliny the Elder, an admiral of the Roman fleet, who tried to rescue citizens. The site was lost for about 1,500 years until its initial rediscovery in 1599 and broader rediscovery almost 150 years later. The objects that lay beneath the city have been well preserved for centuries because of the lack of air and moisture. These artifacts provide an extraordinarily detailed insight into the life of a city. During the excavation, plaster was used to fill in the voids between the ash layers that once held human bodies. This allowed one to see the exact position the person was in when he or she died. Pompeii has been a tourist destination for over 250 years. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Italy, with approximately 2.5 million visitors every year.



  1. Great Job on the whole thing. The only problem I had was that I had to squint my eyes to see some of the words because the background with sometimes block the text.

  2. Hey Kate! I was wondering, what made you do your blog post about this topic? Have you ever been there?

  3. No I have not but I would be thrilled to go! I am really interested in Pompeii because of the history that's there!