Monday, May 19, 2014

Genius Hour Reflective Essay

In genius hour we spent our Mondays either making websites, researching, making posters anything we wanted to do that will help us learn. My genius hour,”Movie Reviews for You”, is where I can watch movies and share my opinions (because I am very opinionated) with others. I really enjoy watching movies and I do a lot of movie watching in my free time so I said why not change my genius hour from one that was boring and I found zero interest in and it wasn’t making any progress to one I actually enjoy. The link to my website is .

I initially wanted to just be done with genius hour because I didn’t understand the point of it. That is also when I had an awful idea for the project. Now I want to accomplish many things like making people happy,  watch more movies and I have a better reason to do it, and I want to see this project going beyond me just using the one day a week to do this and more like a few times or many times a week I work on it. My vision for this project is for it to be a resources people use to find nice reviews that are helpful.

I liked how we used this time to learn of our own standards, it gets boring having to do what teachers want us to do and learn what they need us to learn so the genius hour was a great way to express our own feelings and interests. I noticed myself wanting attention for my genius hour by other people not in just this school or in my community but from others all over the world. I can give them my opinion on everything I enjoyed or disliked about the movie and who I would recommend the movie for. I don’t spoil any parts of the movie with my reviews, so that’s what I think makes me a good critic.

I wonder if my website got so big and if people everywhere used it to find movie reviews. That would just be the most exceptional place for my website to be at. I want to carry on this genius hour until it gets to that point. What if it doesn’t? I will work even harder, tweet more everyday, and I won’t stop until I’m there. This genius hour really makes me want to keep trying and it is really starting to help me form a trait for my life and that is determination.

How might of my project of turned out if I didn’t switch projects? I think that I would still be unsatisfied by my accomplishments because I felt like no one knew I was even there and I was ready to help. I really wanted my “Teaching Teacher’s Fun” to work out because I would of enjoyed to help teachers. I did come across that I had a degree but I didn’t. I was there to help but no one came, so I already feel more successful and more accomplished with my project on writing reviews for movies.

I learned more about making websites and how to attract more viewers. Social media has really helped this world out because without we wouldn’t have many show ups to events. For example: get togethers at libraries, art shows, and conventions. I used social media to get more viewers on my website and get ideas on movies to review. I also learned that if you’re unsatisfied with something you need to find help or do something to help yourself.  I made a decision with the help with Mrs. Neidlinger that I needed to find something else to do and I’m very appreciative about that because I was feeling very worried about the outcome.

Is it possible to find a way to attract more audience? I’m wondering this because I really do want my project to keep going on for awhile and it really gives me something to do because I enjoy movies and there is no better way to show your opinion other than sharing it with others on a review website! What would it take to get there? I think it would take a lot of tweeting and “social mediaing” because that’s how I feel the word gets around.

What could happen if too many request come in? I could have my friends help with the orders and they would be happy to help because I would give them credit. Does it matter that I only do my genius hour once a week? Yes, because if I didn’t do it more often then I would be behind and I wouldn’t be able to be as successful with it as I would like to. To get what you want you have to work hard at it and if you don’t do anything your project or dream will die.  

How is my project like other movie review blogs/websites? I give the viewers a summary of the movie, a rating of stars, who I recommend it to,  my opinion, and a trailer. Is it right to copy someone elses summary? Yes if you give the credit. I get my summaries from IMDb because they give very good summaries that I wouldn’t be able to do because sometime I spoil movies for people but I don’t when I give my opinions about the movie.

My finish project has changed so much from the start. For one, the entire project changed! I originally had the idea that giving my opinions and thoughts to teachers was a good idea to improve their teaching. Well it wasn’t, it honestly didn’t turn out to well I came across like I actually knew what I was doing and I have a degree in teaching, which I don’t. My final product, which definitely isn’t final, is a website created for people who want reviews for movie and the reviews include: a summary of the movie, a rating of stars, who I recommend it to,  my opinion, and a trailer.
I think I accomplished many things. I made a website, twitter, email, and I even accomplished the genius hour. I accomplished the genius hour because I feel accomplished myself. I still don’t feel accomplished because I want this to go on until I am older. My project will impact others because it is a new resources for others to get reviews from an honest person with an optimistic, but real, point of view.

Is my favorite thing to do the reason for my genius hour? Yes it is. I think this should be the reason for everyone’s genius hour project because it’s a way to really put yourself into the project and get a good outcome. If you put yourself into it then you're more than likely to be proud of your work and be happy with it. I learned this when I saw my first project failing and I dreaded genius hour because it wasn’t really something I was into. I think this applies to almost anything you do in life; Do what interests you to make the most out of living.

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