Monday, December 08, 2014

Year of the Hangman- Out of the Box Question

Currently, we are reading a historical fiction novel called, "The Year of the Hangman". I have read chapters 1-5 and I have been asked to think about a time when I had to start at a new school, what was the one thing that scared me the most about starting at a new school, and why.

I moved schools seventh grade year and I was terrified. It was going to be middle school and it was full of teachers and students that I didn't know. I was scared to be the only kid that had moved from another school, which I wasn't, and that I was going to be a loner because I knew no one and I thought that I wouldn't make any friends. For instance, on the first day of school I got so scared to walk into my classroom that I sat in the bathroom for a while until I thought I could actually enter the room. When I entered the room was pretty empty. I looked around and found a group of girls with an empty seat at their table and I asked if I could sit there. They said sure but I was still really terrified, I didn't say another word for the rest of the day. 

I don't know why I was so scared because Lincoln has a lot of nice people and a lot of people who will give you the chance to be their friend. I have several friends now and I had a great year last year. I can see why Creighton goes to hang out in pubs a lot because maybe he feels like he doesn't have a chance with people and that he will be moving again soon so he doesn't really need to try.

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