Monday, January 19, 2015

Fracking: Good for the Environment or not?

Fracking is a dangerous process that harms animals, nature, and humans. Fracking can be very resourceful in many ways but it's most definitely not worth the loss of nature. There are stories of oil, from fracking fields, leaking into creeks and rivers and killing the environment around it. Fracking produces a waste that is stored in bins and stays in the backyard of many families. 

Fracking is the process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock to release the gas inside. Chemicals are injected into the rock at high pressure which allows the gas to flow out to the head of the well. The gas escaping can be extremely dangerous causing pollution, cancer, and even brain damage. Texas was once a beautiful state but ever since fracking came along, to become one of their highest source of income, the state has been ruined. 

As said in Gas Land, a 2010 nature film, a town called Dish, in Texas, is now extremely flammable and there is no smoking allowed just because of the gas in atmosphere. The residents of Dish experience nausea, headaches, and birth defects. Fracking can also contaminate the ground water. Animals living near the water, in which the fracking chemicals contaminated, animals die and so do the plants. So imagine a world of fracking fields: chemicals contaminate all the ground water and water supplies. Our world will die, in the matter of a few centuries. I know I wouldn't want my children having to fight for water or not being able to see the beautiful nature we see today.

Fracking is not a good resource for oil. I would rather pay more to save the world. I would like to see my country still beautiful in 50 years, but fracking will consume our world. Animals will go extinct just by living near by a fracking field, and so will humans! So I suggest that we find an alternate way to draw oil or an alternate source of energy. 

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