Sunday, May 17, 2015

Innovation Hour: Final Project Part 1

Make a Wish at Lincoln

Jackson, Mercedes, and I had the idea to start a fundraiser at the school to sell T-shirts for the football conference championship win. Our purpose for the project was to donate as much money as we could to the Make a Wish Foundation. We initially wanted to donate more money then we spent, and we did. My vision for the project was to bring the school together to help donate money for a child’s wish to come true.

I noticed, throughout the entire project, Jackson, Mercedes, and I were all very stressed out about the work that had to be put into a fundraiser. I wonder if we were more organized and maybe if we knew more about what we were doing that our project would have been easier. We all were always wondering what our next step was and when to do it but never did we actually know and it always seemed to be put off because either we had no time or we
had to finish something else first.

Is it right to regret doing a fundraiser? I do regret some of it. I did not enjoy it as much as I should have. I felt like maybe T-shirts were not the best idea. The conference championship didn’t relate to not enough people that a lot of them would buy a T-shirt. I learned that you should try to find something that everyone will like and buy or it’s not worth the work if you don’t get as much as you wanted out of it. My initial vision of this project was just about everyone in the school buying a T-shirt and raising at least one-thousand dollars, but instead, we only sold 21 T-shirts and we were only able to donate about three-hundred dollars.

How might the project have gone differently if we sold something different like school merchandise? I think we would have been more successful and maybe we could have sold more items and raised more money. Does it matter if we had raised less money? I don’t think so because even though this project felt like a waste of time, we still raised money for a 5-year-old girl named Nominee. She wanted to switch lives with a veterinarian for a day so she got to take care of all sorts of animals. After I heard this story, I wasn’t disappointed with our project anymore. We still helped someone even though we didn’t get to donate as much money as we wanted.

Is the stress the reason for me not liking this project? Yes. I feel like this project could have gone without stress and maybe made me not regret doing it. I know my other group members were just as stressed though. Is it possible to do a fundraiser without all the stress? I really hope so because there is nothing I enjoyed more than making a child’s wish come true. I liked and I truly appreciated the work of everyone at Make a Wish, they all had a purpose and it was to make someone happy. I believe we need more people like that.

How non-successful can a fundraiser really be? I still feel like a fundraiser can be successful no matter what, even if you make $5 or $1000. I remember a school-wide fundraiser I did in sixth grade and I raised over $2000. I felt to happy and I felt extremely proud of myself and the students at Culver Elementary School. I think that since I wasn’t under that much stress from the project, because my teacher did a lot of the work, I had a fun time. What if this project had ended up like my project Culver? I would be extremely more comfortable with it than I was with this fundraiser.

What would it take to do a fundraiser? A lot of patience and extra time. With that you would be able to get a lot done and raise a lot of money. What could happen if I started another fundraiser for Make A Wish? I would make a new goal, that I would achieve, and I could be more involved and get others involved. I would have a different idea on how to raise the money like, selling a different product, doing a penny war, or maybe a car wash. How is being apart of fundraiser like? Being apart of a fundraiser really makes you feel better about yourself and gives you faith in others. It also helps others and not just yourself. If you are looking for a way to give back, fundraising is a great option.

In conclusion, maybe this fundraiser was not the most successful but it definitely was rewarding each way. For me and the little girl who got her wish to be a veterinarian for a day. I would definitely do it again and I encourage others to try it at least once because it is very important to give back. 

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