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This week we have been working on projects. Our project is to teach the students in our class the topics we were assigned. Some examples are Volcanoes, continental drift, and earthquakes. My project is earthquakes and I am working with Kaitlyn MgGee and Citlalli Juardo. We have to have a do now, a lesson plan, an agenda, homework, resources, and a check for understanding. I am making a presentation using Emaze. I think this will be a very effective project because we have to do what teachers do and at the same time we learn.
Plate tectonics is the movement of plates and the effects of their boundaries. One boundary is called divergent, thats when the plates separate and oceans form. Another is called convergent, thats when the plates come together and the land pushes up and a mountain is formed. The last is called transform, that when the plate rub together and the friction and pressure is released and gives off an earthquake.

Earth Day is where we help Earth and do all sorts of cleaning up the earth projects like cleaning up beaches. We recognize this day to help clean Earth and get everyone involved. I can help save energy by turning lights off when I leave a room, using cold water showers instead of hot, washing clothes in larger loads and with cold water. We can also use energy efficient

A cycle is where a series of events are repeated in a process. Rocks can belong to a cycle. This is because rocks go through a cycle, igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, get broken down and melted and the process starts again.

Yesterday I learned about minerals, magma and lava, sedimentary rocks, igneous rocks, and metamorphic rocks. Minerals are naturally occurring substances formed by geological processes. They are usually solid and feature crystal structures as well as specific physical properties and chemical compositions. There are over 3,000 different types of minerals. Rocks are made up of minerals. The three different types of rock are igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. Igneous means fire or ignite, igneous rocks are formed my cooled melted minerals called magma. Sedimentary rocks are made by other rocks that have eroded and the particles form layers and then become one rock. Metamorphic rocks are caused by extreme pressure and heat applied to the minerals that it becomes one. In conclusion, yesterday I learned about the three different types of rock, minerals, and magma.

Cellular respiration, or aerobic respiration, is the chemical process where cells exchange oxygen and glucose to obtain energy. The first step of cellular respiration is when a person or animal eats food. Then you digest the food and it converts to glucose. The person breathes and the reactants (glucose and oxygen) enter the cell membrane. After it enters the cell wall it goes into the mitochondria and produces the products; water, carbon dioxide, and ATP (energy). There are two ways to go through the process of  cellular respiration, anaerobic and aerobic. Anaerobic is the process of respiration without oxygen and it produces lactic acid which makes you sore when you exercise, this is used when people exercise but can’t get enough oxygen. In conclusion, cellular respiration is the chemical process where cells exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide to obtain energy and can be done in two processes, aerobic and anaerobic.

Scientific Method
Metric System
Heat Transfer

This winter break was a blast! I got to have two vacations, one to Austin, Texas and another to Boyne, Michigan. The highlight of going to Texas was spending time with my family, eating delicious food, joking, and playing ping-pong. When we got back I had a day to rest and pack and then I was off the Michigan. In Michigan I went skiing for 5 days straight and I was there for a week. The highlight of Michigan was spending time with my friend and her family, having fun, NEW YEARS PARTY, and skiing.

A New Year resolution is when you make a goal for you to try and do something or set a goal for yourself to get better at something. The purpose in having a New Year’s resolution is to improve or try something new. My New Year’s resolution is to keep my A’s and my 3 A+’s and try to get them all up to A+’s. I also want to try vegetarianism.
I am thankful for my family. My family has always been there for me and they always care for me. I am also thankful for my country and generation. Our country doesn’t have to worry about as much crime, the lack of food, or lack of water and shelter. In our generation we have technology to find cures for diseases and illnesses, without them most of us wouldn’t be here. I lastly am thankful for school. Without education we wouldn’t be able to have the things we do now.

It is not the same because heat is the transfer of thermal energy. Temperature is the measure of thermal energy.

Conduction is the direct contact from an object and it transfers heat.

I don’t know much about heat but I do know it’s thermal energy.  Insulators are things that trap heat.  Conductors connect energy like metal and electricity.  Conduction is the conducting of energies.  Convection is heat that is through the energy.  Radiation is from the rays of the sun that produce heat.

Sound waves and light waves are the same because they both travel in waves. Light waves travel faster than sound waves. Sound energy and light energy bpth surrond us

In a classroom there is carpet and more desks, that absorbs sound. Light travels a lot faster than sound.

I remember that sound waves are the way that sound travels. Sound energy is the energy of sound. Sound waves come out as vibrations and longitudinal waves. Sound energy is produced when you are talking or when you might play a song.

I went to Chicago by car, that used mechanical energy. I also went shopping at the Fashion Mall that just opened and that used kinetic energy for me to walk. I gained chemical energy when I ate at the Toby Keith's restaurant.

I don’t like how I got a D on my forms of energy around Lincoln. I don’t understand why my grade is like this.

The law of Conservation of Energy is important because it defines the whole energy world. If the law wasn’t made then people would be confused about

Some energy I see at Lincoln is sound energy, electrical energy, and mechanical energy. Sound energy is in the band room, the kids playing instruments and talking produces a lot of sound energy. In robotics club they use electrical energy to get the robots working. In archery there is mechanical energy in the bows, when you draw the string back it has potential energy when you let go it produces kinetic energy, and altogether it is mechanical energy. At Lincoln there is energy wherever you go.

This weekend we had a volleyball tournament. We won the invitational and we got a trophy. Then right after I got home we headed to Chicago to my great aunts birthday party. It took forever and we stayed until 2:30 a.m. I was very tired Sunday and I didn’t do anything. I used kinetic and potential energy. Potential energy when I wasn’t moving, and kinetic energy when I was moving in the volleyball game. We used mechanical energy in the car. I got chemical energy when I ate brownies at lunch, at the game.

That would be absolutely terrible, we wouldn’t be doing anything even though thats a type of energy we would probably not exist. I can’t think that far because that is too deep to think to.

Potential energy is the energy that is stored and depends on the position if the object. A car on top of a cliff is an example of potential energy. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. That car on top of the cliff starts driving down, that is an example of Kinetic energy.
An example of how potential turns into kinetic energy is like a rock rolling down a cliff, when the rock wasn’t moving it had no kinetic energy put once it started moving the potential energy decreased and the kinetic energy increased. It comes from many different things

-I am very happy with my A in science, it would be cool if I could bump it up to an A+.
-I have no missing assignments
-I don’t really know anything else I can do, but I could keep hard at work.
-I think my behavior in class has been acceptable, I am respectful in class and I finish my homework.
-I can maybe talk out less
-Maybe have some of the louder kids be quieter so we can learn more and have more fun, these kids should be punished more than they are now because I think it is unacceptable for classmates to be taking away learning time for other students.

Energy is a form we use to generate our body and objects.
We use energy to power things. I know about potential, mechanical, chemical, and some more. Energy comes from all sorts of things like the sun.
I am happy with the A in science, although I would still like to raise it. I could turn my homework on time and study even more that I do for tests. I can become a more organized student by knowing where all my homework is and writing my homework down RIGHT when I get to class.

Grams, Meter, and Liter
King Henry Died Drinking Chocolate Milk
Q: What is the metric system.
A: A system of measuring including weight, height, volume, length, and mass.
Q: Is it hurting our nation by using the english system of measurement, why or why not?
A: Yes because we can’t make money by trading because our measurement is different than everyone elses and that is putting us in debt.
Q: Do you think we should convert to the metric system, why or why not?
A: Yes it will take us out of debt and it will be easier to trade and measure.
A measurement is a length, weight, or classification. The metric system is not the system we use in the U.S but is centimeter, kilometers, etc. It’s purpose is to measure weight and lengths by 10’s.

This weekend I did not go to blueberry. Instead on Thursday and Friday I painted my new house. Saturday, Sunday, Monday I was with my best friend from my old school in Culver. Since the town I l live in currently has a lake I like going with my friend to her cousins house to go boating. We went on a boat around the lake and we went tubing. I am very sore from it because I fell of many times and was dragged around by a speedboat.

The scientific method is a series of instructions on how to solve a problem. The scientific method is useful in many ways like when you might have an issue with your lamp, it won’t turn on so you ask yourself what the problem is. It’s that your lamp doesn’t work. Now you ask yourself how can I fix it? You make a mental or write down a list of possible thing that could be wrong. You then conduct the experiment, you test to see if your guess about what was wrong with the lamp was correct, so you go check to see if the plug is plugged in and it’s not! So you fixed your problem right there thanks ti the scientific method.
1. Ask a question 2. Make an observation 3.Form a hypothesis 4.Conduct an experiment 5. Analyze the results 6. Draw conclusion

    1. I don’t know really anything about science labs. At my school we didn’t really work with science equipment. We instead mostly did worksheets and read from our science books. I do know, since it’s common sense, that we should not be goofing around while the teacher is instructing on how to handle the objects.
    2. With respect, the equipment is not ours to destroy. That means we can’t be playing around with the equipment. No throwing the equipment because that is dangerous. We have to use the rules you give us. We need to be careful because some objects might be sharp or hot. The equipment is the schools not ours so we need to be careful with it.
    3. My favorite was when we got two rats and we observed how each one grew on different foods and different beverages.

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