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Know your limits, but never stop trying to exceed them.  ~Author Unknown

Looking back on my goals from August, I see that I have completed one. I have gotten very good grades at the end of that semester. 

For my long term goals I have been working on them both, I have already become a better volleyball player than I was at the beginning of the season. I also have been improving my grades and my report card for this semester is going to turn out better than the already great report card last semester.
I feel sometimes that I don't give 110% all the time more like 98%. In Language Arts I don't try as hard to write because I already feel that I am not the best writer. So for this new year, one new resolution or goal is to become a better writer and work harder at it.  

Another resolution I have for this year is to become a vegetarian. It has been a little over a week since I have eaten meat, and I feel really good about it and that I can accomplish my goal.

I also have a goal for this year to have a perfect attendance. So far I haven't missed one school day. For the past two years I haven't missed a day either so I look forward to keeping that tradition. 


 My special thing is that I play three instruments. Piano, Clarinet, and Percussion. They all come easy to me and that's why I'm good at it.

                                                                         Short Term:

1.  One important goal of mine is to be able to get better grades this semester. Last year I had decent grades but if I want to be successful in life I have to start here, starting with my grades. I will need to study more and try harder on my homework instead of hurrying.
2. I hope to start another service project this year. Last year at my school in Language Arts class we were required to do a service project.  I did a project called " Pennies for Patients" it was a school wide fundraiser. I think this year I might do something involving recycling but I'm not very sure.
3. Get into jazz band for next year!
4. Get conducting spot for "Funky Town"
5. Make some new friends

Long Term:
1.  I plan on becoming a better volleyball player.  Since I made the volleyball team I plan to take this advantage to get better at it and hopefully be able to play volleyball in college.
2. When I'm older I want to go to college. Going to college has always been a dream of mine. To get to college I have to get good grades. I have to work hard at everything I do like projects, homework, and tests.

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