Innovation Hour
Today Sadie and I joined Jackson to sell Conference T-shirts for our football team. I liked how we discussed what our opportunities were and it seemed very serious. I learned that putting a lot of designs on a shirt raises the cost significantly. I'm wondering if there is a chance we could could continue a project after we finish our project these few months. I noticed that Jackson is very focused and knows what he wants to do while Sadie is creative and likes to give ideas. It's very fun to work with my friends and get their ideas together to make something awesome. I'm wondering what it will take to sell these t-shirts and how many we will sell. It would be great if we sold a lot and made a good profit so we can donate the money.

The Best and Worst Times.
Patriot leaders were taking a huge risk because if they lost this war Britain would most likely hang them. America's victory chance was small because there lack of supplies, their poorly trained soldiers, and it was a small army. But they were fighting on their homes oil, they were fighting for a cause, they had the leadership of Washington and others, and they had fine marksmen. The British had the advantage of many more soldiers, they were the best trained army in the world,  they had the strongest navy in the world, and they had more supplies. Some reasons they lost the war were that they were fighting far from home, it was hard to get supplies to them, and the soldiers were less committed to victory.
Wall of Peace
In honor of Veterans Day, our class created a wall of peace. It is important to keep honoring our veterans because they didn't just die for us to forget about them and not to think of our freedom. Veterans died for us. They died and fought so we can have our freedom. They risked their lives and lost it. They had dreams just like we do. Maybe they wanted a dog, a family, or maybe a long life but they didn't get that. We need to remember these soldiers because it's the least we can do to honor them. We can honor our veterans and soldiers still fighting in the wars for us.
Fight for Freedom
In America, in 1763, was very important for the new colonies. this was because the French and Indian War had ended and England was ready for the colonists to pay them back for the war. The colonists were outrage and they were sick of England trying to govern them when they have had to govern themselves lately. But looking at the colonies itself, improvements were being made. Roads connecting cities were improved, trade among the colonies was growing rapidly, and colonists were shaping their own way of life without England.

The English Americans wanted their independence because they wanted freedom from England and they weren't only fighting for independence but something greater. Not everyone in America wanted freedom like a royal governor name William Franklin, he felt that he must remain loyal to the king and believed that the patriot leaders would drag the colonies into a civil war. His father, Benjamin Franklin, did believe that America should break away because the British society was corrupt. The debate over whether America should be independent or not sometimes divided families.

The decision made to become independent was made throughout the years of 1770-1775. Throughout these years were many rebellions. One was the Boston Massacre, the conflict between the colonists and the English turned deadly when the colonists were throwing snowballs full of glass, sticks, and rocks at the British; the British returned with a fire killing 5 men. Then another rebellion called The Boston Tea Party was when the British taxed the colonists' favorite drink, tea, and the colonists boarded a ship and dumped all the tea into the Boston harbor. Also one of another the other, less known, rebellions was the Stamp Act where the English government passed the Stamp Act and the colonist refused to buy English goods by boycotting them. 

The war began with a shot heard 'round the world. This shot was fired buy an unknown side, no one really knows who fired the first shot if it was the British, the Lexington militia, or a bystander. It all started with about 70 militia men and close to 1,000 British soldiers. A British officer ordered the men to drop their weapons, then a shot was fired and the British fired back killing eight men and wounding ten. Young farm boys and young men joined the militia coming from cities around the area, like Boston and Concord, trying to protect the weapons in Concord and Boston. These men were not skilled and some had never even shot a person before but they ended up winning the war. 

This week we are learning about China's one child policy. I don't agree with most of the laws regarding the policy like abortions and children being killed or put in adoption homes if there family can't pay the fine for a second child. It's very difficult to see that many people follow these rules in China because in America there are really no laws that are like that.

China has a market economy because they trade a lot and make more than enough.

Marriage partners were decided by the parents and the preferences of the children getting married often had little impact on the parent's choice.

Dynasties: Zhou, Han,Tang,Song,Ming

Rulers were chosen by the Mandate of Heaven or bloodline.

The beliefs of Confucianism were, you needed ren (concern for others) and li (appropriate behavior) to function. Family was VERY important as well as education.

If I were to have dinner with one person in the world it would Anne Frank. She was a Jewish girl in WWll and she was taken to a concentration camp. She is famous for her diary that she wrote in while she was hiding behind a bookshelf and in a small apartment. I would want to ask her so many questions about more of what happened at the concentration camp, what was life like being just a teenager and having so many responsibilities and go through so much, and what kind of things was she thinking at the camp like if she knew she was going to die or where her family was.
The Harappan and Monhenjo civilization had built fortresses with indoor plumbing.

The four main varnas (social divisions) were Brahmins-Priests, Kshatriyas- Rulers and warriors, Vaisyas- farmers/craftsmen/traders, Sudras-laborers or non-aryans.

#1. Rwanda and Darfur are related because they are both in Africa and were caused by a colonizer.
#2. Rwanda and Darfur are related because they killed thousands of people and left many homeless and orphaned.

#1 Rwanda and Darfur are different because Rwanda was all because of who wanted the power and Darfur was fighting because the government wanted them to be Arab.
#2 Rwanda and Darfur are different because in Darfur it’s still going on today, in Rwanda it happened 20 years ago.

#2 is about a voter telling everything that is wrong with the government in just 5 minutes. It is supposed to be an insult to the government. This is because the voters don’t agree with many of the decisions made. I disagree with the statement because the government can’t please everyone so there is going to have to be a line drawn somewhere.
Darfur, a country in Sudan, has been having some issues lately. The issues are between the non-Arab people and the Janjaweed which is also the government and they are Arabs. The non- Arab people are being killed off and their villages are being destroyed leaving many homeless. The situation is occurring because the Janjaweed want the non-Arab Africans to be Arab. There are many effects of the genocide like homelessness, many lives have been taken, villages have been destroyed, and family members have gone missing. Other countries respond by giving money to the refugee camps for the homeless, America has done this but cannot help much more because we are trying not to get very involved in this.
The highlight of my spring break was going to my friends house and watching movies. I didn’t go anywhere so I didn’t have much fun.
I remember that South Africa’s first black president was Nelson Mandela and he was an activist against apartheid. Apartheid were laws that had to do with segregating blacks from whites. Apartheid went on until the late 1900’s.

One reason European countries participated in the imperialism of Africa was to get more resources and minerals.
Two, They would have more land and have more power.
Three, Europe could make investment opportunities by building companies and new job places.

Over 85% of the nation is considered below the poverty line
Formerly known as: Northern Rhodesia
Victoria Falls is not the only waterfall in Zambia, so almost all of Zambia’s electricity comes from hydroelectric plants built on waterfalls.  
In 1895, an explorer for the British South African Company found significant copper near the Kafue River in modern day Zambia. Copper mining has been a major contributor to the Zambian economy ever since
The author feels hopelessness in the article because he is stuck on a crowded ship and sees other people get beaten if they jump off. He even got beaten because he didn’t eat his food. I would definitely feel hopeless because it is so disgusting on ship and you cannot escape because its so guarded and you are surrounded by sea. In conclusion, he feels hopelessness because there is no way to regain his freedom and escape.

The leader I would choose to be the best would be Mansa Musa. He was a generous and wealthy leader that gave to the poor. Musa rode ahead of 60,000 people and a train of 80 camels, each loaded with 300 pounds of pure gold, before him walked 500 servants, each carrying a golden staff. Musa payed attention to the people by building mosques and schools for Muslims. He founded many cities like Timbuktu, Gao, and Djenné. In conclusion, I believe that Mansa Musa was the greatest leader of the Mali Empire.

If I were offered a blizzard from Dairy Queen I would exchange with you an item with the same value. I really want the ice cream so I am going to offer you a bag of candy for your classroom. I think you should trade with me because I know you need a bag of candy and who wants to go out and buy it. If someone offers you more I will offer two bags! I really like ice cream and it would be a very valuable trade $3 for $3. In conclusion I am offering two bags of candy so you don’t have to go out to awful walmart and see people stealing and in their pajamas.

The most important amendment is the first amendment. The first amendment is freedoms of speech, religion, and press. Without this amendment many people would be the same and what makes America special is the variety of people and their opinions. If we didn’t have these freedoms everyone would be the same religion, they couldn’t express their opinions, or they couldn’t write about them. In conclusion the first amendment is the most important to Americans.

There are many important events that occurred throughout history of Asia and Northern Africa. Muhammad had his first revelation in 610 A.D. The importance of this is it was the beginning of a new religion, Islam. Islam is now one of the largest religions in the world. In 1271 Marco Polo arrived in China. The importance of this is because Marco Polo’s adventure inspired other explorers’ explorations, like Christopher Columbus heard about Marco Polo’s journey and tried to find a water route to China, instead he found America. In conclusion, the important events of Northern Africa and Asia.

Torah; the holy book of their religion
Moses; a very important person to the religion because he was one of the major people that spread the religion.

Jesus; the founder who is supposed to save us from the sins of the world.
Monotheism; Belief in one god. Christianity is monotheistic.

Qu’ran;  Holy book.
Mohammad; founder of Islam.

I believe the most important inventions from the 4 river valley civilization are the Rosetta Stone, cuneiform, and irrigation. Without the Rosetta Stone we would not be able to read other writings in different languages, the Rosetta Stone is like a translator. Without cuneiform many people wouldn’t have been able to take record of many things, they may have not been able to write their ideas so they wouldn’t have of invented it. Irrigation is an important part to almost all countries because it is a way to get water from the nearest water source to irrigate your crops without having to walk many miles and get it and have it die by the time you come back. Without these inventions then our life today would be changed, we might not even be where we are today.

2 it was good

The Silk Road impacted the life of people in Europe and Asia. There were new jobs like you could become a trader, merchant, or a thief. It changed the lives of many people because they had learned of a new religion, Buddhism, to China. The Silk Road also brought valuable items such as, spices, chinese paper, gunpowder, wool, amber, gold, and jade objects. Because of the Silk Road, America was discovered since Marco Polo went to Kublai Khan’s land and wrote a book about his journey Christopher Columbus wouldn’t of been inspired to go looking for China and wouldn’t of accidently landed in America. In conclusion, the Silk Road brought new jobs, religion, traded goods, and a new land and because of that it changed our world today.

I think the only time you should go in war is to defend your country and when the country’s money isn’t a problem.

1. Which of the following is what OPEC stands for?
a. Oil and Petroleum Extracting Countries
b. Ordinary and Particularly Exciting Cities
c. Organization of Properly Exporting Countries
d. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
2. Which of following lists correctly names countries that are a part of OPEC?
a. the United States, Russia, Iraq, Israel
b. Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia
c. Canada, Alaska, Texas and Louisiana
d. Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Syria

3. One of OPEC’S main goals is to make money. How does this organization help oil rich countries reach this goal?
OPEC helps by there not being a competition so no country will get less money if they are producing more than another country.

I think that what is happening in the Middle East doesn’t affect us. It is not our war and we don’t need to fight it because it isn’t a threat to the United States.
I think the greatest American citizen is probably Martin Luther King Jr. I chose him because he really changed the country. He
I think the thing that has the biggest impact on student learning is the class size because the students will be able to have more of a one on one with the teacher to get more help.

Some countries that are in the Middle East are, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey.
I know that Egypt has a large population, Turkey isn’t named after a turkey, Jordan has a population of 6,517,000.

Some religions are alike like, christianity and judaism. They both believe in god and they both believe in the Exodus. Buddhism and Hinduism both believe in reincarnation.

1. You must take a Hajj to Mecca once in your lifetime
2. Bible is their holy book
3. You were expected to give charity

Both of the religions were spread by word throughout India. They both believed they were reincarnated. They were different because some of them thought that Hinduism believes in the caste system unlike Buddhism. Hindus were polytheistic unlike Buddhist who didn’t believe in gods.

Hinduism began in India when an idea in a tribe spread and other tribes were forced to learn the religion and those religions mixed. They believe in many gods, Polytheism. If your soul didn’t fulfill HInduism you will be born again, Good Karma= Good life    Bad Karma= Bad life. Dharma is the ultimate moral balance of all things. Dharma also belongs to the universe,
They think all life sacred. They believe in the 4 vedas. They also believe the world is an endless cycle of creation.

I think religions don’t have a role! I think religion in school should be ignored. I mean if your going to have a school that is like Judaism or Christianity is embraced and a Muslim is attending there, don’t you think the other students will be rude and be segregated from everyone else just because he/she isn’t that religion. But also you don’t want to forget your religion, and lets say you can’t eat cow… Then don’t eat cow. There is a difference between it being disrespecful and appropriate

Praise: I like the organization
Polish: I think she should of labeled the pictures at the end of what they were

There are some negative effects from religions, like wars. In the 1940s World War 2 started and this was because some people thought that the Jews were not good people and they ruined everything so they tried killing every Jew. Also racism, some religions aren’t very found of other religions like muslims and christians.

I think mine is organization because my project is very organized, it also is content because we have a lot of facts. We will probably lose points on creativity, I think a lot of other people are using Projeqt so that won’t be very creative.

I give myself a 3. this is because I got some things done and learned more about the website Projeqt. Today if I want to get another 3 I would have to work hard and quietly.

Kate- Tech-Projeqt-Other Info-Spread
Hailey-Text-Posterboard-Central Beliefs-Origins
Carissa-Text-Posterboard-Central Beliefs-Origins

1. Judaism is based on the 10 commandments.
2. Abraham is the founder.
3. Judaism started in Canaan.
4. Judaism is Monotheism
5. Abraham is from Mesopotamia.

I think I should trust it. It has a logo, and good info

It could impact on how society thinks of you, like in during WW ll  Jews were thought of to be descendents of the devil. Also it could affect your lifestyle, if you are Hindu you can’t eat cow. Also maybe if you are a certain religion that could mean you couldn’t go to a certain school, like in France they are thinking about banning religious items so that would mean some religions couldn’t go to that school.

It has to have a author and the url should have a .org or .gov
I think the best thing about being an american is your freedom of speech. In other countries you are not to express your opinion because it might just get you killed. In america you can talk bad about the president and not even get arrested, well you could if you were talking about killing him and you were serious. But the point is you are free like an eagle.

Buddhism is based on a guy named Buddha that meditated and found the meaning of life, Ancient India. Confucianism is not a religion but a thought, it’s based on ren and li, family is important as well as education; Ancient China.

Have friends who are the same as you. Like they have to have the same characteristics as you.

My invention is Silk.

It improved their knowledge about things and they gained luxurious things.

I think the Qin dynasty was the most impressive because they built the Great Wall of China. This took them many years. Also the Qin dynasty was very powerful and successful.

How did the Ming Dynasty decline?
a. Isolation   
b. Defeat in a War
c. Lack of family
d. Ruled out of their spot

1. The Ming dynasty created the Forbidden City
2. The Ming dynasty had many great sails, that showed China’s power.
3. The Ming dynasty ruled from 1348- 1644 by defeating the Mongols.
4. The Ming dynasty is the best

One achievement of the Ming dynasty that made the MIng dynasty was when China made their trip around Asia and Africa and Europe and had as many as 25,000 workers at a time. This showed how much power China had.

I think our presentation will have about 5-6, it will be 2-3 on their achievements, 2-3 on their life style etc., and one on the introduction.

I don’t really care, I think it would be better if I worked alone. I get more things done by myself and since Hailey already has a partner I’m just going to be myself.

I think the Indus River will have somewhat of the same achievements like irrigation because they would learn how to use their river. They would probably of created some type of writing system, like Egypt’s and Mesopotamia’s.  

Hinduism is a polytheistic religion and the third largest religion with 1 billion followers and 85% of them living in India. Since Hindus are polytheistic they believe in many gods and goddesses, but the most important are the three Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva. There is no founder of their religion, it is a religion made up of many others. They worship a sacred animal; a cow. They cannot eat beef, harm cows, and cows are allowed to roam free so there is a lot of traffic issues. Their goal to become one with Brahma, Moksha, is based on your karma. Your karma also determines your rebirth, or reincarnation.


The social class determines on how they pay their taxes, what their neighbors think of them, and how the government reacts to them. Someones social class can change, a someone could be promoted to like the president of the U.S.A and they would now be in the Upper class because they get payed more than they originally were.

2. The Nile River is the longest river in the world. It has fertile land on each side of the river. The river creates a natural barrier for Egypt.

The religion Egyptians study is made up of a lot of gods and goddess. The gods and goddesses each symbolize and represent. There is a sun god, a goddesses of truth, a god of

I see that there are some jungles and there is a river going through Egypt.

This week in Social Studies we learned about Syria.  We first made our opinions, if we agree with sending missiles to Syria or if we don’t. We based it on what we already knew. Throughout the week we learned more about the conflict, Syria, and President Obama’s opinion. After we watched President Obama’s speech, I am guessing some students changed their mind about how they felt on sending missiles to Syria, because we wrote down some of the reasons why and why we shouldn’t get involved.

I don’t think it is ok to get in someone else’s business. So why would you intervene in another country that is in a war. The best solution would to be to just stay out of it, keep clear and don’t put yourself in a war which would harm others lives, companies, and jobs.

What is a Ziggurat?
a. a temple
b. a religion
c. an animal

What is an invention that the Sumerians invented?
a. Telephone
b. Clock
c. Hammurabi’s code
d. All of the above

Sumerians wrote on clay tablets with?
a. a pen
b. a pencil
c. a stylus
d. a stick

How many laws were in Hammurabi’s code?
a. 200
b. 182
c. 380
d. 282

The 5 laws I would make would be
1. No crime ( Including killing and stealing)
2. No pollution, you must always recycle
3. No speeding
4. No wars
5. No McDonalds

The most important invention invented was probably the would probably be the house. If people didn’t have a house or shelter they would be on the street and rain,snow,hail,tornadoes, etc would be on them and then more of the population would die.

Google plus

1. One of the benefits of living near the two rivers was the fresh water near by. If you lived way out it would take days maybe even weeks just to get some fresh water.
2. Another is that when you needed something to eat you could just go down to the river and catch some fish.
3. The land in between the river could be used to farm because the rivers are close by and you could use a form of irrigation to water the plants.

    If I were to live anywhere in that area that is part of the ancient civilization I would live near the Mediterranean Sea. Anywhere that is not near the desert is fine for me. Where I would live I could get fish and water anyday.

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