The driving question for this page is, How can we build a website as a positive resource for teens in our community that are experiencing the effects of stereotyping and peer-pressure. Our website helps teen in the community by giving them a place for happiness and tips, that was our group's entire plan for the website. Teens in Plymouth, or all over the world, can see that in our website theirs not only things that can make you feel better but also our ideas and the internet's ideas on bullying, stereotyping, and peer pressure. I believe my team answered the driving question.

I think it was a lot of fun making this website. I liked how our entire group came together to make this. What could happen if teens and students all over the world came to our blog seeking advice? I wonder if this website is going to be getting a lot of attention from not only our school but the country. Does it matter if we are only kids and we are making a blog to help older kids and younger with their bullying and life problems? I learned a lot from making this website, you can inspire others by just what you type, this helps others even though your just 12 or 13. I really hope I can do another website to help others.

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